Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ich bin eine Zeit reisen Attentäter

This blog is in full swing now, huh guys?

So on the train back to Dublin I read this:

Bought primarily because it was a winner at this year's Eisner awards

In short (and short it is) it's about an assassin who travels back in time to kill Hitler on the bequest of a client.

It's fucking great.

I'm not familiar with Jason but he is one deadpan muthafucka. He's also a romantic, once you get down to it. This is a love story. It's really quite sweet *sob*

Also, the bio on the inside cover reads thus:

Jason was born in Norway in 1965. Suddenly he spoke to a cat. Winter filled the room. They could see the ocean.

How could you not like the guy?

Highly recommended.

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